Machine Learning Engineer
Full-time course of 3 months

Machine learning is about getting computers to “learn from experience”. In this applied 3-month, full-time course, you will gain a comprehensive toolkit for machine learning, data mining, and statistical pattern recognition — everything you need to break into this exciting field.

Expected starting salary: 45,000€

Module 1 : Data Engineering

Machine Learning is all about data and for data to be usable, it needs, first of all, to be available. In this module you will learn all you need to know about data engineering: You will learn how to identify data sources, how to determine the respective storage media, and how to identify and implement a solution to ingest and transform the data.

Module 2 : Exploratory Data Analysis

A model is only as good as the data it’s fed. For a model to be successful, you need the right data for the job and sufficient data quality. In this module, you will learn how to clean and prepare data for modeling. You will learn about the various techniques of feature engineering and how to analyze and visualize the data for exploratory purposes to get the most out of your model.

Module 3 : Modeling

Building a machine learning model successfully requires you to appropriately frame your problem. In this module, you will learn how to frame business problems as machine learning problems, how to select the appropriate model(s) for a given problem (Xgboost, logistic regression, K-means, linear regression, decision trees, random forests, RNN, CNN, Ensemble, Transfer learning, etc.), and how to train and evaluate your models.

Module 4 : Machine Learning Implementation and Operations

Now that the model has been trained and evaluated it is time to allow it to be used  reliably. In this module you will learn how to build your machine learning solutions for performance, availability, scalability, resiliency, and fault tolerance. Different problems require different machine learning services and features and this module will teach you how to identify and implement the optimal solution and how to apply the right security practices. At the end of this module, you will have deployed and operationalized your own machine learning solution.

Module 5 : Technical Interview Preparation

We have reached the end of this course and the only barrier between you and your first job as a machine learning engineer is the technical interview. This last module will equip you with everything you need. You will learn what to expect in such an interview, and which soft skills employers are looking for.

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