Land your first tech job in just 6 months

Our high quality courses help you become a tech professional in record time. We also help you to find a job and you pay no tuition until you’re hired.

What We Offer

Excellent learning experience

Our courses are designed by leading industry experts and our tutors support you on your learning journey.

We help you find a job

We help you land a job within 6 months after you complete the course. If not, you don’t have to pay anything for the course.

Study now, pay later

We cover all the costs of the course. You only pay a small share of your salary after you get hired.

Learn practical skills

Learn all the technical and professional skills that you will need in your new job in record time.

A community of learners

Learn together with a small group of motivated peers, guided by experienced mentors and tutors.

Everything you need

We provide you with all the materials and training that you need to successfully complete the course.

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Our Courses In Berlin

Our courses will teach you everything you need to land your first job in tech in as little as 6 months – no previous experience required.

Cloud Solutions Architect

In this 6-month full-time program, you will learn how to translate customer requirements into cost-efficient, scalable AWS Cloud solutions architecture. Learn essential principles and theory while developing projects in our hands-on labs for a seamless transition into your first job.

Expected starting salary: 50,000€

Starting April 1, 2022 *few slots left*

Front-End Engineer

Have you ever wondered what’s under the hood of your favorite websites? In this 6-month full-time course you will learn the languages, tools, and tricks to build dynamic sites. In no time, you will master the fundamentals of UI and UX and create beautiful, functional pages in your first job.

Expected starting salary: 40,000€

Starting fall 2022

Mobile Engineer (Android/iOS)

Whether it’s shopping, dating or gaming, we owe the apps we use everyday to mobile engineers. As you create your own app, this 6-month, full-time course teaches you to develop apps for both Android and iOS so you can get started in this rapidly-growing field.

Expected starting salary: 45,000€

Starting fall 2022

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning is about getting computers to “learn from experience”. In this applied 6-month, full-time course, you will gain a comprehensive toolkit for machine learning, data mining, and statistical pattern recognition — everything you need to break into this exciting field.

Expected starting salary: 45,000€

Starting summer 2022

Back-End Engineer

As a back-end engineer, you develop the backbone of websites and mobile apps. This 6-month, full-time course gives you the essential tools to design reliable, responsive web applications in your new job, including programming servers, client-side interfaces, web security, and database design.

Expected starting salary: 40,000€

Starting fall 2022

Full Stack Software Engineer

A full-stack software engineer gets a project done from start to finish. In this 6-month, full-time course, you’ll acquire this highly sought-after skill-set by learning to use the essential  tools of front- and back-end developers, while creating your own web app and API.

Expected starting salary: 45,000€

Starting fall 2022

“I learned all the skills I needed to land my first tech job in just 6 months.”

I was frustrated by the limited career opportunities in my previous job. I decided to make a change, applied at TEA and got accepted. It was great fun to learn all these new skills. I also made a lot of new friends while studying. I eventually got hired as a Cloud Solutions Architect within just 2 weeks after I completed the course.

Sunil, Alumnus

Learn at your own pace

You can go through the course material at your own pace. Your tutor will support you along the way.

Our courses are designed to be engaging and exciting. If you get stuck you can always reach out to your peers and your tutor to get support. We mix theoretical learning with practical projects so that you can apply your new skills immediately.

Exchange with your peers

Frequent in-person meetings and activities keep you motivated and connected to your learning community.

You can always meet your tutor in person if you need support. We also host meet-ups where you can exchange with your peers and learn new professional skills together.

Get your first tech job

At the end of the course we prepare you for your job interviews and connect you to great companies.

We have partnerships with great companies hiring tech professionals. We’re so confident that you will land a job after completing our courses that we offer a job guarantee.


Here are some of the most common questions that we get from our students. If your question is not answered here, just reach out to us.

Do I have to pay anything?

We cover the costs of our courses through income share agreements. For the duration of the course, we cover all the costs. In exchange, you pay us back with 8% of your salary for 3 years after you get hired. This means that we only get paid if you’re successful in your new job.

We also offer other financing models if you don’t want to use the income share model. Just get in touch to learn more.

Do I have to be in Berlin?

Yes, you should be in Berlin during most of the course so that you can attend our in-person meetings. It’s okay if you need to be somewhere else for a short period.

Do you really guarantee a job?

We’re so confident in the quality of our courses that we guarantee that you will find a tech job within 6 months after you completed the course. If not, the course is on us.

Who can apply for the course?

We don’t have any formal requirements other than that you should be fluent in English and have permission to work within the European Union. We pick students who are motivated to learn and willing to find a job after they complete the course. You don’t need a high school or university degree.

How much time do I need?

Our courses last for 6 months and you should be able to study without distractions during that time. The courses are also full-time, which means that you should be able to spend at least 40 hours a week studying. Some of our students have small part-time jobs, to be able to provide for themselves while they study.

What tools do I need?

We will provide you with all the tools and hardware you need for the course. You only need a space where you can learn at your own time without distractions.

Need help to get started?

We know that it’s a big decision to start a career in tech. Our career advisors are here to support you! We’re happy to answer any questions that you might have and help you select the right course. Just get in touch with us.