Cloud Solutions Architect
Full-time course of 3 months

In this 3-month full-time program, you will learn how to translate customer requirements into cost-efficient, scalable AWS Cloud solutions architecture. Learn essential principles and theory while developing projects in our hands-on labs for a seamless transition into your first job.

 Expected starting salary: 50,000€

Module 1: An Introduction to the Basics

Learn about the fundamentals of cloud computing: computing, networking, storage, security and databases. By getting an overview over AWS, you will be able to craft the shape of the portfolio project that you will pursue within the next 6 months in our hands-on lab. Better start thinking about your favorite domain name because your project will go online in the next module!

Module 2 : AWS Compute

Learn how to set up, configure, maintain, and use your own virtual server in the cloud. You will deploy the first version of your portfolio project. Now that your project has gone live it will grow in step with your knowledge base.

Module 3 : AWS Networking

Your project is live now and you want to better understand how people around the world are able to find it. How does this work? And how can you prevent hackers from making use of the resources that you have built up in the cloud? This module will give you a solid understanding of networking and of how to secure your virtual creations.

Module 4 : AWS Storage

From nothing comes nothing — your creation is only as exciting as the information it can command. Where does that information sit? How do you manage it? What different approaches do you have up your sleeve? Learn how to store data so that, for example, the dashboard you’ve envisioned in your project has something to display.

Module 5 : Databases

Have you ever cleaned up your room by throwing everything into your closet? In principle, you still have everything at your disposal, but as you know it takes a while to find what you’re looking for. Order is your friend. Learn how to make your creation smarter by providing it with a proper database. Your chatbot (and everyone using it) will be grateful for the easy access to the latest gossip.

Module 6 : Monitoring, Optimization, and Serverless

Have you ever wondered what might happen when your project becomes a superstar? People from around the world are hitting your website and your chatbot has to talk to hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of people per day. How can you make sure that it doesn’t run out of steam? What if the machine gets burnout? Learn how to prevent this by prepping your creation for high availability.

Module 7 : Course Summary and exam preparation

Now your project has matured. It can not only be used by anyone with an internet connection, but it is also secure, scalable and just awesome. People can see what you have built over the past few months. To show the world what has gone into it, you will take an internationally recognized certification exam to prove your skills to future employers.

Module 8 : Get hired!

Your newly acquired skills are in high demand and now it’s time to show your project to potential employers. Thanks to our connections to tech companies in Berlin and around the world, you will be able to present yourself, your work and vision to them. We are sure that they will be happy to take you on, because your skillset is in high demand and you have proven your mastery.

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Your coach will be an experienced professional who is passionate about creating and teaching.